Name of the dish Weight, g Price, uah
“Greek” salad (cucumbers, tomatoes, paprika, feta cheese, onion, sauce “Pesto”) 250 133-00
Vegetable salad (tomatoes, cucumbers, paprika, onion, oil) 200 89-00
“Spring” salad (cabbage, cucumbers, oil) 200 43-00
“Fessen” salad (green beans, tomato, feta cheese, lettuce mix, walnuts and balsamic sauce) 300 89-00
“Bavaria” salad (rucola, jamon, pine nuts, Italian sauce) 200 189-00
Salad “Froylen” (chicken liver, pickled onions, egg, suluguni cheese, lettuce, honey mustard sauce) 270 139-00
Warm salad “Berlin” (fried potatoes, bavarian sausages, cucumber salt, onions, german mustard sauce) 280 115-00
Warm salad “Golden calf” (fillet of beef with delicious sauce, grilled vegetables, pumpkin seeds) 450 235-00
“Lucifer” salad (tender beef, hot red sauce, bell pepper, chili, salted cucumber) 450 109-00
“Spicy” salad (arugula salmon, with asparagus and baked potatoes, tender sauce) 250 177-00
“Caesar” salad with chicken (“Iceberg” salad, chicken, crackers, cherry tomatoes, “Caesar sauce”) 300 125-00
“Caesar” salmon salad (“Iceberg” salad, chef’s salmon, croutons, cherry tomatoes, “Caesar” sauce) 280 199-00
“Munich” salad (chicken fillet, cucumber, fried mushrooms, cheese, sauce) 280 103-00
Salad “Naples” (asparagus beans, cucumber, egg, tomato, onion, mix salad, walnuts, bulgarian pepper)
chicken 330 159-00
royal shrimp 330 235-00
“Oktoberfest” salad (bread toast, cucumber, bulgarian pepper, smoked fillet) 250 99-00
“Saxon” salad (boiled tongue, ham, chicken, fried mushrooms, spicy sauce) 300 117-00