Hot dishes

Name of the dish Weight, g Price, uah
Royal shrimp on an asparagus pillow (asparagus al dente, in a spicy sauce) 300 245-00
Veal medallions with mushroom sauce 350 245-00
Beef stroganoff (on potato spinach pillow) 350 188-00
Veal filet grilled steak (with french fries and brandy sauce) 400 285-00
Grilled steak from pork (pork grilled, potatoes fried, cherry tomatoes, sauce) 400 210-00
Liver is piquant under curry sauce 300 89-00
Deruny stuffed with meat with mushroom sauce 450 115-00
“Guten Abend” (dinner of a real man) 400 210-00
Viennese schnitzel with classic serve (young veal with potato salad, with beer or wine (optional) 500 215-00